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Featured interviews/temporary Podcasts

Download Page Feature Interview 1 Chroma – Queens go south, Darren talks to Beth and Steph about an exciting drag show coming to the Ascot in November.

Download Page Feature Interview 2 Working Like a Dog  – Students from James Hargest College's Learning Support Centre present a special show about different dogs and their jobs.

Download Page Feature Interview 3 Devilskin – Darren talks to the Axeman, Paul Martin about the band’s 10 year anniversary tour (starting in Invercargill), Europe, new music, support acts, and a sweet Harley deal.

Download Page Feature Interview 4 Illegitimately Yours – Darren talks to author Catherine Taylor about her new memoir of secrets, adoption and DNA

Download Page A Day In the Life Of Host – Gordon McKewen

Download Page A Voice of Samoa Host – Faleauto Simi Maua Taua

Download Page Art Is Our Perception Hosts – Darren & Lyndal Ludlow

Download Page Blind Spot Host – Carolyn Weston

Download Page Calm Minds Host – Terry Lynch

Download Page Ceol and Craic Host – Leon Hartnett

Download Page City Focus Host – Station Staff & Invercargill City Council Staff

Download Page Community News Host – Rachael Bailey

Download Page Fatherhood Hosts – Ben and Kim

Download Page First Word Host – Chris Chilton

Download Page Fraser FM Host – Emily Fraser

Download Page Frecuencia Latina Hosts – Adriana & Carolina

Download Page Grinding Gears Hosts – Pete Holmes & Aaron Brinsdon

Download Page Idea Services Hosts – Idea Service Users

Download Page InversOriginals Host – Jay Sellwood

Download Page Le’o ‘oe ‘Otu Motu Pasifiki Host – Lesley Vehekite

Download Page Light, Bright, & Classical Host – Pat Corkery

Download Page Lorraine in Spain Host – Lorraine MacIntosh

Download Page Lyricology Host – Sarah

Download Page Manic Monday Hosts – Stacey Taylor & Brad Clarkson

Download Page Millsy Rocks Host – Carl (The Metal Man) Mills

Download Page Movie Man Host – Finn Alty

Download Page Old Folks at Home Host – Peter Miller

Download Page Peter Weatherall’s Jumping Jellybeans Host – Peter Weatherall

Download Page Radio Without Pictures Host – Darren Ludlow

Download Page S.O.A.R. Host – Jack Lovett Hurst

Download Page Sixties Sensations Host – Peter Miller

Download Page Smokey’s Supersounds Host – Smokey Feedcore

Download Page Sonidos Latinos with JCJapon Host – Carlos

Download Page Southland Community Law Centre Hosts – SCLC Staff

Download Page Space Oddities Hosts – Mike & Rachael Bailey

Download Page Sweet Dish Host – Aditi Raj & Ketan Kumawat

Download Page Talking In Circles Host – John Husband

Download Page The Awareness Project Hosts – Anna & Kate

Download Page The Ben & Mal Variety Hour Hosts – Ben & Mallory

Download Page The Boil Up Radio Show Hosts – Ra, Mere, and DJ Detox

Download Page The Book Show Hosts – Terry Toner & Rachael Bailey

Download Page The Drift Host – Corbyn Shuttleworth

Download Page The Jam Host – Aiden Hosie

Download Page The Ryno Show Host – Ryan Isaacs

Download Page Vision Southland Host – Liz Craig, Labour MP

Download Page Womans World – Southland National Council Of Woman Host – NCWS Members

Download Page World Wide Wilson Host – Wilson Ludlow


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