Other Side of the MIC - Lyndal Ludlow!

Lyndal Ludlow is the co-host of The Fluffy Slipper Lounge with husband Darren on Radio Southland 96.4FM. Rach sits down with her today on Other Side of the MIC to find out more about who Lyndal is.
From teaching our kids at many local schools, to being a soccer mum who used to play netball, to (nearly) baring all on stage in the Calendar Girls production, to knitting up a storm around the CBD, to being an Environment Southland Councillor - Lyndal is an integral contributor to our local community's education, sports, theatre, arts & environmental scenes.
Find out more about her, what special vibe there is to a well-matched couple doing a show together, where the show's name came from and more here on the latest Other Side of the MIC on podcast!

The Fluffy Slipper Lounge airs on Saturdays at 11am & replays Tuesdays at 6pm - you can also find podcasts of the show on our website!  

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